French & Indian War

A Brief Overview of The French & Indian War
  • Interactive Map
  • Cause & Effect
  • Pontiac's Rebellion
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Important People
  • A Few Younger Activities
Mr. Nussbaum: A Thousand Sites in One
Jeffrey Amherst

As a graduate from UMass Amherst, this guy is near and dear to my heart, but not necessarily in a good way. At some point everyone should learn about the British General in the French and Indian War who gives blankets with the smallpox virus to their Native American enemies, at a Peace Treaty meeting. Our first instance of intentional biological warfare, right next door! Oh, the joy that is Lord Jeffrey Amherst. And we honor him by naming a town after him. If you can't sense the sarcasm, we might have a problem here...

A little more advanced, but some good background information on The French and Indian War.

French and Indian War Background

The French & Indian War Timeline

Library of Congress: A Guide to the French & Indian War: Primary Source Documents

The French & Indian War: Short Textbook Summary

The French and Indian War Debate

Who deserves the lush Ohio River Valley?
American Indians, Colonists, British, or French? It's all up for grabs here...

First, students will watch a PowerPoint on The French and Indian War, and complete a worksheet, both of which are attached below.

Second, students will form (or be formed into) the four groups. There is a different worksheet for each group.

Third, each student will also get this worksheet, which explains how to do research for their group and gives them ideas for reasons why they deserve the land, i.e. historical, moral reasons, military reasons, etc. I create four different packets, by attaching this worksheet to the back of each of the others.

This was one of the first debates I did and students who were not very well behaved or hardly completed any work, really rose to the occasion. It was an interesting topic, and it was made a little more interesting because students were not allowed to vote for themselves at the end of the debate!

Any questions on how this went? Or how to do this? Just ask! Comments welcome!!